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I see a change in Dalia at the end of every week

When we were looking for a Nursery for Dalia, we had several points in choosing a nursery and whenever we checked a nursery there was always something we didn’t like. We met Lynn and she took us for a tour around, we immediately had no doubt that Kipinä is what we were looking for. From Extended hours all year around, transparent fees/easy payment structure, Scandinavian setup to Finland’s educational method, we liked everything. Once Dalia joined the nursery, we knew we made the right decision. The Nursery’s staff are very loving and warm. Dalia loves going to nursery every day and it really make us at ease knowing she is well taken care of. Every week Kipinä has a theme for the kids and I frankly see a change in Dalia at the end of every week. We see a change from behavior perspective, hygiene, playing and education… Dalia enjoys learning things in a fun loving environment. We would warmly recommend Kipinä and say thank you.

Guhara Al Ozaibi, Mother of Dalia, Kipina’s Toddler Class February 28, 2016