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A great job keeping babies happy, clean, fed, entertained

When we first came to see Kipina on its second day of opening, we absolutely loved how the place looked and felt. Spacious, a lot of natural light, wooden floors, nice wall colors. We really wanted this place to become like a second home for our baby and it has. In the last one term my baby has grown with Kipina and went through a lot of stages in his development. Teaching staff in the baby room does a great job keeping babies happy, clean, fed, entertained and paying attention to their individual needs. Every week we receive the baby’s program and every day they come up with some amazing arts and crafts activity, read books, sing songs. When he joined he was a purely breastfed baby, now he eats a range of healthy foods and also accepts a bottle. The safe baby room environment allows him to move around and practice his rolling/sitting/crawling/standing. It’s amazing how babies interact with each other every day, something we can’t re-create at home. And last, but not least, all of this was key for my smooth returning back to work after 5 months of maternity leave. Thank you, Kipina, and we look forward to growing with you!

Saltanat Yersaiyn, Mother of Jandos, Baby Room February 28, 2016